Digital Signage

Digital Signage


The vast experience we bring in marketing, advertising and consumer research enables us to craft custom communication plans that enhance the experience of those who come in contact with our displays.

Installing state-of-the-art digital screen technology in high traffic areas is the platform for our messaging. We can literally put a digital sign anywhere, office buildings, street corners, parking garages, airports, campuses, multi unit homes, mixed use developments, stadiums………you name it.

We get the fact that mobile devices allow people to access information on demand – it has raised the bar – people EXPECT information.  Our displays don’t necessarily compete with mobile, they complement it.

Two way communication and data capture is made possible with the incorporation of beacon technology and integration apps.

Our technology allows us to update messaging in minutes so while we hope it never happens should a threat arise, we can alert your community quickly and guide them to safety.

Parketing clients get turnkey service because we manage the entire process – in most cases all we need is a plug.

What We Offer

System Design

Content Development

Communication Plan

Monthly Updates

Equipment Procurement




Digital Signage is no longer a luxury, it is expected and the standard in communication methodology.  Very few know how to leverage it to make the most of the hardware – Parketing will make it work for you.

We are your communication solutions specialist.

Do You Have Digital Signage in Your Office or on Your Property?

How Parketing works

Our Partners

Parketing partners with commercial real estate owners, parking garages and surface lots, corporate communications managers, office managers, municipalities, college campuses, airports, mixed use real estate developments and multi-family housing properties. Once we have our client’s goals, we implement a communication program that uses a pre-determined mix of branding, community messaging and advertising.

Our Quality

We install the highest quality equipment and create unique and engaging content. We offer advertisers a highly venerable audience that can be targeted geographically, demographically or by lifestyle.


    • CUSTOM CONTENT – Your brand messaging or content specific to your needs

    • NEWS – Appropriate both in topic and tone
      Audio and Video, Video Only, Slow Motion or Static, Social Media, Interactive

Keep the experience positive with the Good News Channel

Whether you already have signage or not, we can change the mood of your office or property.

Carefully curated and custom content intended for areas where people linger longer such as lobbies, waiting rooms, airports, etc. the Good News Channel delivers just that – good news. An audio and visual experience much like watching television the Good News Channel uses pieces ranging in length from 7 to 10 minutes that focuses on positive, uplifting, funny and pleasant messaging.

Communication is key to creating community, customer and employee satisfaction, loyalty, and an environment that is an accurate reflection of your brand image.

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